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Your lawn is a reflection of your home. Yet intruders such as grubs can wreak havoc. That’s where we come in, Oakes Entretien, your bulwark against white grubs!

These subterranean parasites devour your lawn’s roots. They leave behind bare patches. But with Oakes Entretien, it’s possible to regain control of your property.

Our team of experts begins with a detailed analysis. We assess the extent of the infestation. We examine the affected areas, looking for signs of these destroyers.

Once the infestation has been identified, we set up an action plan. A customized plan for each plot to maximize results. Our aim is to effectively eliminate grubs from your lawn.

We use industry-approved products. These solutions are both powerful and environmentally friendly. We want to keep your lawn healthy and balanced.

We don’t stop at extermination. We are also working on prevention. We want you to avoid future grub problems.

Our experts provide invaluable advice. They teach you how to spot the signs of infestation. They tell you how to prevent these pests from returning.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Oakes Entretien is there to help you. Our team is here to answer your questions. We strive to provide exceptional customer service.

Don’t let grubs undermine your peace of mind. Trust Oakes Entretien to restore the health of your lawn. For a consultation, contact us today. Together, we can make your lawn a grub-free zone.